Although it’s our secret now, Limousin cattle were kept secret for centuries by French chefs. The cattle were coveted for fine cuisine because of its unique flavor profile and leaner fat content, all without sacrificing tenderness. Today, we carry on the tradition of producing delicious Limousin beef.

We believe better, healthier beef can be achieved without antibiotics and growth hormones by using time-honored Limousin genetics

The breed of Limousin originated in the Marche and Limoge regions of France. Limousin beef cattle are known for their natural muscle yield and deep savory flavor. Limousin cattle were first imported to the United States beginning in 1969.

The pillars of why we do what we do:

  • Ancient History – Limousin beef has been coveted by generations of people; it’s unique in flavor and texture
  • Human Health – natural animal protein has been a centerpiece of human health for centuries; it’s part of our biology
  • Farm Ecosystem – Limousin cattle are very efficient convertors of grass to nutrient-rich protein; this efficiency not only helps to control cost for our operation but also reduce the demand for land access and gas emissions

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